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Allergies Should First be Treated by Getting Rid of Known Allergens

In the region of 25% of Americans will suffer from allergies at one point or another during their lifetime. Every year the frequency of allergy sufferers seems to be going up by five percent, and half of those new sufferers are children.

Why do allergic reactions exist?

Allergens. Allergens are things derived in our environment that can cause one to have an allergic reaction. Nearly anything could cause an allergic reaction in a person with allergies. Protein is a section of allergens, and it is something typically found in food. In fact, protein is an organic substance comprised of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, which are all elements of living things.

Professional carpet cleaning might simply excise the majority of allergens like:

- Tree pollen and grass pollen
- Household dust mites and the waste products they leave behind
- Mold spores and mildew
- Animal hair, usually that of dogs and cats

You should without a doubt get your carpet cleaned with proper allergy cleaning methods, but don't forget that these allergens can also be hiding in the carpet underlay and in the moist film which can be present on top of the carpet and underneath it as well. A damp carpet can be a breeding ground for allergens. Luckily, there are hypoallergenic carpet pads that help soak up the moisture but don't permit mold and mildew and other allergens to spread in your carpets. What kind of things should you think about when pondering the purchase of hypoallergenic carpet padding for your home?

Well, one thing you have to know is that just because a carpet is "hypoallergenic", it doesn't mean it's prone to allergens.

Hypoallergenic carpet padding could help inspire fewer allergic reactions and therefore fewer allergy symptoms. It is pretty much impossible to assure a homeowner that no allergic reactions or symptoms will be caused by any given material, mainly due to the fact that every individual has different triggers. While it is these differences that make us individuals, at the same time it's what also makes dealing with allergies so difficult since determining what amount of an allergen can cause a reaction is no piece of cake.

Carpet cleaning could remove much of the normal allergens from the carpet. The carpet pad, however, can allow allergens to lurk unless it is hypoallergenic, in which case you should look for padding which stats that it will prevent bacteria, microbes, fungus and spores. Go over the list of items the padding is resistant to and compare brands in terms of hypoallergenic qualities as well as price. When talking about allergy cleaning in New York, we offer services that will clean and refresh your carpet and rid your home of irritating allergens.

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