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The initial step is to pull out the vacuum cleaner and use it on the mattress. Proceeding from there, we put on a special low moisture tool to remove any remaining dirt or debris without soaking the mattress. Following that, we spray the entire surface with a dust mite treatment. Once we've successfully treated for dust mites, it's eventually time to dry your mattress and leave you with a fresh, clean mattress.

Methods To Bring Down Allergens Indoors

Read on for quite a few tips at taking out allergens within your house and which can become trapped in your carpets. This can keep your home healthy and safe for your entire family.

- Always make sure to vacuum every week. This is the most vital stage. Quite a few homes should be vacuumed once a week, despite the fact if pets are present, you should vacuum more often. The act of vacuuming removes dust, dust mite waste products, animal dander and fur, human hair, dead skin, dead insects and mold spores from carpet, and helps clear sand and soil which can weaken the lifespan of carpets. Ensure that you are using a vacuum equipped with a high efficiency HEPA system of filtration. You may call us 1-800-743-0034 for our recommendations for vacuum cleaners.

- Never sweep flooring surfaces. Swishing a broom back and forth shall just put the allergens back into the air. Using a vacuum on flooring surfaces, then using a damp mop will go a long way toward producing clean air within the home.

- Put your shoes adjacent to the door. This rule stops outdoor pollutants and allergens from being spread throughout the house.

- Places with forced air heating and cooling systems should have the fan in the on position consistently. That way, air will constantly be moving throughout the home, passing through air filters, and removing airborne allergens and particulates. Don't forget to be exchange these filters every month. Consider using only HEPA filters of a high efficiency label.

By implementing these methods, your house will be a healthier place, and your carpeting will have a greater lifespan.

Keep in mind that animals kept in the home also release dust mites, which can result in pet allergies for many. Groom your animals outside of the home to keep dust mites from working inside.

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