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Every product we utilize is non-toxic and is totally safe for your business and home environments. As experts, we pride ourselves on putting through a service whose complete foundation is based on environmentally friendly cleaning products. In addition, it makes us ecstatic to be able to do our job using only 100% natural products that have been proven to keep your home clean and family healthy.

One such material that we use for organic cleaning is Procyon. This great cleaner has no odor, leaves no residue behind, and is hypoallergenic.

You can feel good about employing us to clean your carpets because while many companies use toxic chemicals that harm the earth, we use only biological, non-toxic cleaning agents.

As an added plus, our process works better! Even deep set stains will be removed and won't come back, and your home will look fresher than it has in years.

To verify that your carpets are clean and presentable, Organic Cleaning NY uses an advanced carpet cleaning system. We take a special comprehensive approach to verify a healthy environment, and long-lasting results. Therefore, the process is lengthy and meticulous.

There are many reasons to choose us for organic cleaning

All natural citrus ingredients

- Non-toxic solutions are safe for animals and children
- Hypoallergenic avenues

Your carpets will dry quickly so you can return home much sooner. We really destroy the embedded stains with our organic cleaners and get amazing results. Move furniture, if required.

The materials we use are the newest developments in organic, natural cleaners.
Sofa Cleaner NY applies organic and eco-cleaning solutions to all upholstery, carpet, and rug cleaning services.

It is typically recognized that the use of hot water is perhaps the most naturally useful method for cleaning and sanitizing. We harness the power of steam in addition to using our safe and natural cleaning agents and a jet extraction method to give you a deep clean.

After we're done with our job, your home could be cleaner and fresher than ever before, and most importantly free of the residue and dirt that results from using most other non-organic products.

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