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With our firm, rug repair is accomplished quite well. Our staff includes some of the most effective weavers from the great rug producing areas of the world – each weaver is a master of the techniques and yarns used in that region, so your rug won’t loose it’s value or it’s unique look.

We can additionally perform rug repair on rugs that you might imagine are completely destroyed. Our experienced weavers can fix everything from water, fire and smoke damage to insect and animal exposure to bringing back a rug’s former beauty because of exposure to the elements. No matter where you stay in the United States, you may send us your rug to be repaired. Don’t hold off to call us about the damage to your cherished rug.

At the first evidence of wear and tear or damage, you must call us so we can give you the best possibly solution to save your family heirloom. Perhaps you imagined it just could not be saved, but you’ll be amazed at what we can do! Do not wait. Send your rug in right way. The optimum time to repair a rug is today. Do not let the rug hold onto further damage. Many people surmise that repairing or restoring an area rug is costly, but it’s not! In fact, getting something simple taken care of right away is a better option instead of letting it get worse over time. We even do FREE estimates!

We supply quite a few services to you

- Reweaving missing end pieces
- They could reweave and bring back damaged corners!
- We can fix water damage.
- They could stave off and restore insect damage!
- They could even repair holes in the middle of your rug with the matching threads, fibers and colors!
- Bringing Back any missing or faded patterns or designs
- We could do binding.
- Inserting fringes

We get paid to maintain, restore and repair rugs; however, it is our interest as well. This means you do not need to fret about allowing us to work on your rug.

Your rug will experience wear and tear throughout the years even if you care for it diligently, and you will have to perform rug repair.

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